Coming from ALKANES
=Combustion Reactions= Alkanes are fuels. Combustion can be complete or incomplete, forming carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or simply carbon. Octane is found in petrol. The complete combustion of octane is: ===Octane + Oxygen --> Carbon dioxide + Water=== Methane is the gas most commonly used in laboratories: ===Methane + Oxygen --> Carbon dioxide + Water=== [image:] =Substitution Reactions= Hydrogen atoms can be replaced with another atom. Group 17 atoms such as Cl and Br can be substituted onto the parent chain, forming a haloalkane. The most common substitution reaction is that of an alkane and bromine (Br2), however the bromine is in solution and known as bromine water. UV light is required as a catalyst, as alkanes are reasonable stable molecules. ===Methane + Bromine --> Bromomethane + Hydrogen Bromide===
Credit: Megan Fowler