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=Indicators= Indicators are special substances that change colour in acidic / basic conditions. Common Indicators include: ==Blue & Red Litmus== [image:] Red litmus turns Blue in basic conditions (stays red in acid conditions) [image:] Blue litmus turns Red in acidic conditions (stays blue in basic conditions) ==Universal Indicator== [image:] Universal indicator can actually show to what degree a substance is acidic or basic. The more acidic a substance, the more red the indicator appears. The more basic, the more blue / purple the indicator goes. Intermediate colours indicate weaker acids / bases (E.g. yellow/orange = weakly acidic and blue = weakly basic). Green indicates a substance in neutral. ==phenolphthalein== [image:] Phenolphthalein is a colourless indicator that turns a bright pink colour when placed in basic conditions
Credit: Ben Himme