Coming from APES
=Hominins= [image:http://i.imgur.com/IxMcBQH.png] '''Hominins are the ‘human’ branch of the apes'''. The defining feature of Hominins is that they are habitually bipedal. This means they they are not only capable of walking on two legs, but that it is their habit to do so. Essentially humans can be described as the Apes that walk on two legs. The features of Hominins ultimately relate to their bipedal lifestyle. Although the connection may not be obvious '''Bipedalism''' (walking upright on two legs) has given Hominins: • A large Brain • Complex social behaviour • Reduced canines (and teeth in general) • A prominent nose and chin, reduced eye ridges • Body hair short or very reduced to assist cooling • Highly sensitive skin • Modified feet, thigh bones, pelvis, and spine