Coming from ENZYMES
=Enzyme Activity= The following factors can all affect the rate of a enzyme controlled reaction: *Temperature *pH *Salinity *Substrate Concentration *Enzyme Concentration *Enzyme Cofactors *Enzyme Inhibitors ==Denaturing== [image:http://i.imgur.com/uj6WaUZ.gif] The function of an enzyme is determined by it's precise 3-dimensional shape. An enzyme is made of a long chain of amino acids. Weak inter-molecular bonds cause the chain to fold into its specific shape. Some factors can disrupt these bonds and the chain of amino acids will unfold. The enzyme denature (loses its precise 3-D structure) and the ''substrate will no longer fit into the active site''. As a result no enzyme-substrate complex is formed limiting the rate if reaction. This loss of structure is permanent and cannot be reversed.
Credit: Ben Himme