=Net Force= ===The net force is the total or resultant effect of all forces acting upon an object.=== ===Forces acting in the same direction can be added together.=== [image:http://i.imgur.com/ctOqQeY.png?1] ===Forces acting in opposite directions can be subtracted from one-another=== (subtract the smaller force from the larger one). [image:http://i.imgur.com/lgQ4lKC.png?2] ===[image:http://i.imgur.com/rZVAmcB.png?1]=== If the forces acting on an object are balanced (net force = 0) the object will continue to move at a '''constant speed'''. If the forces are unbalanced (there is a net force) the object will '''accelerate''' (speed up) or '''decelerate''' (slow down). Horizontal and Vertical forces can be dealt with separately. ===[image:http://i.imgur.com/pjZCsoV.png?1]=== The vertical forces are balanced therefore the net vertical force = 0. The net horizontal force is 5N to the right.
Credit: Ben Himme, Tristan O'Hanlon