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=New World Monkeys= [image:] Contrary to their name new world monkeys are in many ways less advanced and preceded the old world monkeys. However, we see a marked shift here from a nocturnal to a diurnal lifestyle (active during the day). This has also seen a reduction in the sense of smell and greater visual capabilities. The snout is slightly reduced without the moist patch (rhinarium), but still has a flat nose with widely separated nostrils that point sideways. New World monkeys have well separated, outward facing nostrils as seen on this tamarin.The eyes are more directly forward facing, giving a larger region of overlap and are capable of colour vision. This has also allowed for greater communication through facial expression, as a result new world monkeys have a semi-naked facial skin and a freely moveable upper lip. They have prehensile (grasping) tails which can be used as a fifth limb. However their hands are scarcely if at all opposable and are generally used more as hooks for hanging from branches. The foramen magnum (the large hole in the skull through which the spinal cord passes) is further forward, corresponding to a more upright sitting position. '''Summary''':[image:] *Diurnal *Arboreal *Quadrapedal (walk on all fours) *Colour vision *Semi-naked face & moveable upper lip *Prehensile tail *Widely separated nostrils (pointing sideways)[image:]
Credit: Ben Himme