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=INTRASPECIFIC INTERACTIONS= [image:] Interactions between members of the '''same''' species ==Intraspecific Competition & Cooperation== Competition can be strongest between members of the same species as they will all be competing for the same resources (food), mates, breeding sites etc. Many animals have developed complex behaviours to minimise the potential impact of direct competition. For instance the maintenance of dominance hierarchies and territories through behavioural displays reduces fighting and the risk of injury. Plants and animals like barnacles disperse their young over a wider area so they won't compete with each other. Although living together in a group increase competition it also enables individuals to work together. For instance groups can better defend themselves, modify their environment, take down larger prey and more efficiently raise offspring. The benefits of co-operative behaviours often outweigh the cost of increased competition. ==See also== *[ Co-operative behaviours] *[!o130 Dominance Hierarchies] *[!o671 Territories & Home Range] *[!o233 Kin Selection & Synchronised Reproduction]