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=Homing & Migration= Homing and migration both involve the movement of organisms from one geographical location to another '''and their return''' (or the return of their offspring). This requires the ability to navigate ‘back home’ again. [image:http://i.imgur.com/QluLCr7.png] '''Methods of Navigation:''' Regardless of whether the organism is travelling a shorter distance or extremely long distances, in order to find its way back it must have some method of navigation. These methods of navigation include: • Visual Cues / Landmarks • Magnetic Fields • Solar Navigation • Star Navigation • Chemical Navigation '''Homing''' * This is the return to a home base after a journey in search of food or mates * Usually over shorter distances and '''shorter periods of time''' *Usually daily (commuters) '''Migration''' * This is the regular, repeated mass movement of animals for breeding or avoidance of climatic extremes. * Usually over longer distances and '''longer periods of time''' * Usually annually or once in a lifetime. * Cues that tell an organism when to migrate may include: maturation of sex organs, environmental cues (temp, position of stars, etc) or innate genetic cues.