=Energy= ===Energy is a quantity associated with an object that describes its speed or position in space. Energy describes an object's ability to do work.=== ===Energy is needed to make all thing happen. It exists in different forms and is never created or destroyed, but can change from one form to another (transform) due to the action of a force. === ===Stored forms of energy are referred to as potential energy=== [image:] [image:] ==Units of Energy== The unit used to measure energy is Joules (J) Just like we use metres to measure distances, we use Joules to measure a quantify of energy. Note there are 1000J (Joules) in 1 kJ (kilojoule). Another unit that is also commonly used to measure the energy content in food is the calorie (cal) and kilocalorie (Cal). [image:] There is roughly 180kJ (=180,000J) in 100ml of coke. This means an average can contains about 640 KJ. You'd need to run for about 3km to use this amount energy up.
Credit: Tristan O'Hanlon