==DNA Replication== [image:http://i.imgur.com/jzq9KdEl.png?1] The purpose of DNA replication is to produce two identical copies of a DNA molecule. This is essential for cell division during growth or repair of damaged tissues. DNA replication ensures that each new cell receives its own copy of the DNA. DNA replication is said to be '''semi conservative''', this is because the original DNA strands are split in two and each half is used as a '''template''' to make the complementary strand (the other half). The complementary strands are made using free nucleotides that are floating around the nucleus. The semi-conservative nature of DNA replication is possible because of the base pairing rules. It is very important that a cells machinery matches the bases correctly so that the sequence remains unchanged / no mutations occur or the cell may not function properly. Following DNA replication '''chromosomes''' consist of two copies and this is when they are best viewed under the microscope. Each copy is referred to as a '''Chromatid''' and the region where they are held together is called the '''Centormere'''. [image:http://i.imgur.com/tGqHMbY.jpg?1]
Credit: Ben Himme