=Coevolution= The interaction between different species means that they will often influence each-other’s evolution. The simplest case of this is probably predator-prey relationships. Because both predators and prey are '''acting as a selection pressure on each other''', we find they are constantly evolving in response to one another. For example, the fastest prey might be more likely to ‘get away’ and thus survive and reproduce more often. With time the population of prey becomes quicker as a result. However, the fastest predators will get more food and reproduce more often too. With time the population of predators may become faster also. This idea is known as coevolution. [image:] Some marigolds produce a chemical (terpene) that prevents insects from eating them. However, some insects have developed enzymes that break down this chemical so they can eat still eat the plant. You can think of this as an evolutionary chemical warfare going on right in your garden!